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Investment office capabilities

How many of you wonder what is involved in making investments in private companies? How many of you have a general awareness of what private equity firms do, but don’t quite know what’s involved? If you consider your own business for a moment, how many of you are managing it like it was being run.. read more →

Depth of corporate finance resources at your finger tips

We take pride in sharing our knowledge to help your business prosper. Our goal is to create better businesses by explaining corporate finance in simple terms. Here’s a tour of our most popular resources: VIDEOS – No time to read our many ebooks, then watch 2-3 minute video interviews of Michael Cradock explaining what’s what.. read more →

From prototype to international business

How do you raise capital for an international business opportunity if the domestic opportunity is consuming cash? Firstly, unless you have the vision to recognise that you do have an international business opportunity, you wont have one. You need to understand the business model inputs that drive the long-term growth in the company’s valuation. Finally,.. read more →

What is your Vision-to-Fulfillment path

If you have a vision, then how can it be refined? If you want to grow, what platform will help create value? How will it create value? Here is the Morgan Cradock Vision-to-Fulfillment Model. Please use it at your next management meeting and see what ideas come up.   read more →

Designing a New Business Model

This blog will be of interest if your business model is not working, your profits are shrinking, or your competition are stealing your market share. Use our Morgan Cradock 3-Planes Model to help you find the answers and re-grow your profits. To get you started on your business model redesign here are 21 questions, 7.. read more →

Investor Appraisal Process (Part 2)

This is the second installment of the two critical conversations you need to have – with investors and internally amongst current shareholders – before taking in new investment. In an earlier blog we discussed why you need to Value Your Company Based on Future Profit Potential and how to frame that conversation. In this blog.. read more →

The Morgan Cradock 9-Point Shareholder Needs Alignment Index

Why don’t your fellow shareholders see what you see? Why are they being so irrational, when you know new investors are required for the next stage of business growth? How come you aren’t on the same page anymore? What got you to this point of disagreement and communication breakdown? The opportunity wont be here for.. read more →

A series of M&A deals less risky than no M&A

McKinsey analysis released in January 2012 – Taking a longer-term look at M&A value creation – reveals that, in certain industry sectors and based on global averages, a growth strategy built around doing smaller M&A deals can actually be less risky than avoiding M&A altogether. Industry structure, the matching of an asset to a well-articulated.. read more →

2012 to unleash a backlog of deals

2012 will be a big year for corporate transactions. The goal of all these transactions is to create shareholder wealth by translating historic effort into immediate cash or near-term cash. That may seem overly simplified or stating the obvious, depending on your viewpoint. Whether your corporate objective involves acquiring intellectual property for competitive advantage, buying.. read more →

The profits have moved

Competitive advantage doesn’t last forever. What worked 5 years ago cannot be relied upon today. If your revenue and growth stalls out you’ve got a choice. Find the new profit pools or close the business. Use this portfolio matrix to establish where your products and services are positioned today. I’ve heard some owner-managers tell me.. read more →